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Some of the teachers that have taught my elder kids, are teaching my young ones today, and I have great faith that my young ones will turn out like their older sibling - independent, caring, good citizens who do well in life.

Andrew started at CM five and a half years ago (from infant care) and I must say the transitions from level-to-level in CM have gone very well. The school is focused on being caring and loving and approachable. We really would like to thank Grace and her teachers for giving him a strong foundation, for Andrew in the coming Primary School days.

Elizabeth Toh's Mom

Andrew McClure's Dad

(mother with her 5th child currently in CM’s Pre-Nur-2 level)

''Character Montessori would like to congratulate our CM alumni-students (Class of 2012) for completing their PSLE. We rejoice to hear that one of them has achieved a remarkable score of 260 in the exam! Well Done and CM wishes you all an exciting Secondary School learning journey ahead.''

Why Character Montessori?

You see, while most schools focuses on building a child's academic performance, here we focus on laying a strong character foundation.

Research-based Character building and Montessori approaches are integrated seamlessly into core academic training (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic).

Qualified in-house music and art directors oversee the comprehensive arts programme in dance, music and 2-D as well as 3-D visual art develop children’s Multiple Intelligences.

21st Century skills in thinking and analysis are cultivated from young (eg. Mind Mapping).

“Character is higher than intellect. A great soul will be strong to live as well as think.”  - Ralph Waldo Emerson 

It determines how they’ll perform in life, if they can stand strong when faced with challenges. And it’ll make you feel incredibly proud as a parent. 

We believe in building a child’s character first while they are still developing. As such, we have designed our entire curriculum beyond just helping your child learn but to more importantly, blossom with a beautiful character.

What is it?

Being a mother of four sons, Grace Yong is emphatic about the importance of quality education for children and thus became one of the first in Asia to introduce Mind Mapping to preschoolers with a mission to raise the quality of schooling available for infants and young children.

After receiving amazing feedback, it has now evolved into our flagship Character Development Programme.

Our founding principal has:

  • used her years of expertise and research findings to launch the Mind Mapping programme at Character Montessori.

Grace is currently with the NIE’s Doctor in Education (EdD) Course to conduct further research work.

It is her dream to lay strong research-based staff training methodology for the preschool-sector.

Grace Yong
Founding Director

  • worked one-on-one with countless children for years to develop a powerful well-rounded curriculum that nurtures children.
  • developed a team of committed teachers trained to build moral foundation for lifelong success. 

The Core Components in our Curriculum include:

English for Thinking



Practical Life & Sensorial Discovery

Build your child’s confidence and fundamentals in English as they engage in higher-order thinking skills such as inference skills, predicting outcomes, categorization, etc.

With our specially designed Chinese Montessori curriculum, your child will develop a love for learning Chinese in speaking, reading, spelling and writing skills that will support their life-long learning of the Chinese language.

CM prepares your child for Primary School Math by introducing basic mathematical concepts through the use of Montessori materials and methodology and relating them to the Primary School curriculum.

Science/Cultural & Bi-lingual Project Work

CM exposes children to real-life experiences through various activities (e.g. cookery) and learning journeys (e.g. the Zoo) that encourages learning beyond the classroom setting.

Your child will also be given opportunities to build self-confidence through eye-hand coordination skills and to engage their five senses, which is important for brain development.


Cultivate your child’s love for the arts through our in-house visual arts, violin and music appreciation lessons. Music is given great emphasis to enhance learning experiences and increase children’s intelligence.

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1. What is the youngest age for my child to be part of the Character Montessori Programme?

You can sign your child up for infant care at 3-18 months, and after 18 months, your child would be considered under the childcare programme.

For more effective learning, our Preschool Programme operates with a small-class size (K2 class 1:15). Hence, monthly fees are about 25% above other standard preschool programmes which have larger class sizes (K2 class 1:25).

We also provide special Discounts/Rebates/Subsidies for different needs, so do not hesitate to contact the centre to find out which schemes you qualify for.

2. Why should you choose Character Montessori for your child?

We are located at Block 161 AMK Ave 4 S(560161) directly-connected to MayFlower MRT Station

(Brown-Line scheduled to operate 1 st half of 2020).

3. Which area of Ang Mo Kio is Character Montessori located at?

We are open from 7am to 7pm daily, and our programmes are from 9am to 5pm.

4. How long are the lesson hours?

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